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While she enters an ultra-secure scientific complex to foil the plans of a malicious organization, a spy must face a surprising opponent: her irrepressible desire to dance.

DiscoSpy is a Stealth/Rhythm 2D game. You have to avoid guards, security cameras and lasers. The whole complex diffuses disco music, which is your main weakness. If you get too much into the groove, you will have nothing left but to dance as much as you can to reduce your FUNK Fever.

If a guard catches you, you’ll have to restart the level. To avoid getting caught, you can place yourself against a wall, and if you really have to dance, hide in a secondary hallway.

However, if dancing may be dangerous, you’ll be able to pass through lasers with your disco skills ! (but you can’t see them, they’re lasers)

This is a submission for the 41th Ludum Dare. The game isn't finished yet but might be in the future!

Team :

Darius G.: Game Design, Level Design & Programming

Demontoon: Sound Design (Composition), Programming (Art implementation & movements) & Ergonomy

Elise M: Graphics (Sprites, animations & background)

Sakamoto-San: Programming (Rhythm engine)

UltraBill: Programming (Enemies)

Wissam A.: Game Design, Level Design & Graphics (HUD)

Special thanks to OctoClo!

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