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Imagine if you were living in a fantasy world… An ethereal land where magic would shape the potential of each human being. A splendid place whose History and architecture would be inspired by Indian culture and Hinduism. This is where the story of Echo of the Sky takes places, a story driven by the verses of a poem and the understanding of one’s purpose in life.


What is Echo of the Sky?

Echo of the Sky  is a musical puzzle-platformer taking place in a fictional universe inspired by Indian culture and Hinduism.

Thousands of years ago, to preserve the soil from a terrible disease, the Devas sent the land to the Celestial Realm.
Then, they blessed each human being with the potential of one of their powers.

Voicers can alter their surroundings according to the Chants they sing.
Hearingers can hear and perceive everything above human understanding.
Touchers can feel and heal impurities when touching any living being.

Our story revolves around Saira, a young merchant gifted with the power of the Voice.

Her life changed the day she read the Hymn to Emancipation, a poem written by Sage Narada.
These words… She couldn't tell why, but she immediately felt connected to them.

And thus, on that day, Saira left her hometown and went on a journey during which she would discover the places described
in each stanza of the poem, a journey that will lead her toward the final stage of Purushartha: Emancipation.

As Saira will discover the treasures the world has to offer, she will be able to understand and release
the true potential of her Chants, thanks to the obstacles she will face, but also the people she will meet along the way...


This game was created by students from the Cnam-Enjmin during their master's degree.
It is a vertical slice of the full experience featuring a whole chapter.
It was developed between October 2020 and February 2021.

~ Core Team ~

Wissam Azzi • Game Designer & Level Designer
Loïc da Silva • Narrative Designer & Writer
Samuel Busson Gameplay Programmer
Guilhem Pech • Gameplay Programmer
Charline Faure • 3D Environment Artist & Concept Artist
Kévin Gouesnard • 3D Environment Artist & Technical Artist
Maximiliano Kossyrczyk • 3D Character Artist
Terry Perez-Gervais Sound Designer & Composer
Valentin Stemetz UX Designer & UI Designer
Antoine Thévenoux • Producer

~ Extended Team ~

Pierre Espaignet • 3D Animator
Yann Imbert • Composer
Duhita Jagtiani • Voice of Saira
Aya Ghoniem • Voice of Trisha
Laurianne Espinadel • Singing performance
Thisara Bandara • Violin performance


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Version 4
Inputs for keyboard and mouse 362 bytes


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i love the differnet magic elements here, thats fun to use and then i love open world games like this one, the 3d here i love how smooth it looks also and i think this deserves more reviews! great work

Thank you very much! We're glad to know that you enjoyed your play! Have a great day!

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np and have a good day to!


The game designer is genius !

This game is cool !

ps : I invented the wall jump

Thank you for your feedback! Have a great day! (we hope you enjoyed the wall jump ;) )